Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor

DINGS' provides 8 different sizes of Hollow shaft stepper motors from 14mm to 86mm.

Each size has multiple stack lengths. Single or dual shaft is standard but customized shaft options are also available. In addition hollow shaft encoders are available.

Customers are able to use hollow shaft motor to let something go thru hollow shaft like suction valve, cables or pumps especially pick & place application, electronics picker module or other applications.

Hollow shaft motor enables customers to design this kind of pick-up module in very compact design and small size of hollow steppers for example NEMA6, NEMA8 or NEMA11, it can reduce total weight of picker module since light weight of motors.

For better positioning, lots of customers require closed loop function of hollow shaft motors and DINGS’ has various hollow shaft type of encoders so it can be very helpful to realize light weight of motor and encoder package for higher accuracy of positioning

Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor Images