Customization Options

DINGS' provides wide range of Customization Options for all linear actuators and regular rotary steppers to enable customers to design applications with convenience.

For each different size of motors, DINGS' provides various size and resolution of encoders as 9 types, from EK1 to KPL56 series. According to application requirements, customer can easily choose encoders via index output or non-index type and thru output method as single ended or differential output. Also various resolution can be chosen freely for easier and precise positioning.

Not only encoders but also anti-backlash nut for External and Non-Captive Lead Screw Linear Actuators to eliminate backlash. In addition, power-off brake specially for vertical application is prepared for NEMA14, 17, 23, 24 and 34 sizes and DINGS' will provide smaller size of brakes soon.

Hand-knob for manual positioning, Teflon coated lead screw for better lubrication and encoder ready is also optional.

All customization options as above can be same in hybrid rotary stepper motor and planetary gearbox can be chosen for rotary stepper motors too.

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