Bio-Medical & Healthcare images

Bio-Medical & Healthcare

DINGS' Stepper linear actuators and steppers can be seen in various bio-medical devices and healthcare instruments from Diagnostics, PCRs, Immuno Ass'y, Molecular analysis, DNA Sequencig, Blood analyzers, Mammography, Cosmetology and also Dental applications.

We have provided our products for widely approved instruments with having credibility and trust from world-wide customers.

Laboratory Automation images

Laboratory Automation

DINGS' Stepper linear actuators and steppers can be found in lots of laboratory automation instruments specially from many kinds of analyzers, spectrophotometer, holography, microscopes and also dispenser systems.

More precise and automated laboratory devices requires more DINGS' stepper solutions via stability and credibility.

Semiconductor images


Semiconductor related applications mostly require high-end motors since it needs to be operated under special circumstances like high temperature, vacuum, clean room environment.

So from materials and all parts for DINGS' Stepper linear actuators and steppers are specially prepared and designed to be orientated for semiconductor manufacturing processes.

From wafer fabriciations, prober testing, assembly, testing and other applications.

Mobile Devices images

Mobile Devices

Many of mobile devices in our hand like mobile phone, tablet, laptops and other portable devices of manufacturing applications require high precision stepper solutions not only linear actuators but also general steppers.

Product trend and market demand is rapidly changing so DINGS' is ready to provide most appropriate solutions to enable customers design their applications in quick. Faster selection of products and modeling, also immediate shipment is highly beneficial for current DINGS' customers.

Chips, PCBs, Panels and other parts of manufacturing and inspection process, there are already many number of customers prefer to use DINGS' products.

Display images


Liquid crystal display panel manufacturing has demanded wide range of stepper solutions like regular steppers and also linear actuators for cleaning, exposure, etching, inspection and assembly process.

World wide customers have used DINGS' products in their various processes and also general motion control solution providers took DINGS' steppers for their official solutions to get into Display market more than 10 years.

Packaging images


Food, beverage, pharma and many of products are packed in beauty and accuracy to be always in our life.

DINGS' products can be found in wide range of packaging industries like encapsulations, smart packers, cutters, filling and others.

3D Printing images

3D Printing

Not only for Hobbyist but also wide range of demand for 3D Printers and it's technology changes our life dramatically.

It foresees our future what we have to design and make so 3D printing capability and performance directly link us to the success of business.

From economic solution for printers nearby us and also high precision of steppers and linear actuators for specially designed industrial printers, many of customers have chosen DINGS' products.

Factory Automation images

Factory Automation

Under the flag of Industry 4.0 and smart factory, DINGS' targets industrial automation solution provider not only machine builder but also system integrator, we try to help our clients to simply design their applications by many of products from DINGS' like stepper, brushless DC motors, voice coil motors, actuators but also various field bus supporting motion control products.

Specially designed DINGS' motion control products as stand alone and integrated electronics can be combined with all kinds of motors in DINGS' to be total package for customers to simply choose and use.

Moving, Pick & Place, Transportation, Sorting, Assembly, Inspection and packaging, full range of industrial automation applications are one of key industry for DINGS' products.

Fluid Control images

Fluid Control

From simple syringe pump, peristaltic pump but also throttle valve and dispensers, DINGS' stepper and actuators solutions are very welcomed from global clients already.

Very economic but high performance guaranteed stepper and actuators solutions or sometimes with encoders can be advantageous products in this industry.

Robotics images


Industrial robotics but also service robots and home automation robots are more close to our daily life.

For higher productivity in industrial market field and also convenience in our life from service robot's help, DINGS' offers certain range of steppers and brushless DC motors related to general robotics of grippers, AGVs and other applications.