Size 34 [86mm] Lead Screw Linear Actuators

The size 34 hybrid precision linear actuator is our biggest in size, and can provide up to 2270N of continuous thrust. Size 34 Lead Screw Linear Actuator has two form factors available - External and Non-Captive

Size 34 [86mm] Lead Screw Linear Actuators images

Motor Characteristics

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MotorVoltage[V]Current[A]Resistance[Ω]Inductance[mH]Weight[g]Lead Wire No.Motor Length[mm]

Motor Insulation Class B, Motor Temperature Rise 80°C, Ambient Temperature -20℃~55℃

Available Lead Screw and Travel per Step

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Screw Dia.[inch]Screw Dia.[mm]Lead[inch]Lead[mm]Lead CodeTravel Per Step @ 1.8° [mm]*Travel Per Step @ 0.9° [mm]*

* Value truncated
* Motor winding parameters and screw length can be customized according to customer requirements

Dimensional Drawings

Speed Thrust Curves

speed thrust curves image


Screw End Machining
opt screw end machining
Teflon Coating

If customer's applications require greaseless screw and nut combination, DINGS' offers teflon coated lead screw of stepper linear actuator.

Teflon coated lead screw stepper linear actuator enables it's longer life cycle and better thrust force generation against conventional SUS lead screw.

Teflon coating can be applied in the whole range of lead screw options in DINGS' and all types of linear actuators such as External, Non-Captive, Electric Cylinder and Kaptive.

In addition, anti-backlash nut also can be combined with teflon coated lead screw too.

teflon coat
Encoder Option
EK3 Encoder images
EK3 Encoder images

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Resolution(CPR) 64 100 200 500 1000 1800 2000 2500 3600 4000 5000 7200 8000 10000
Single ended output 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Differential output A B C D E F G H I J K L M

* For NEMA34 (86mm) Non-Captive, Captive and Kaptive linear actuator, only EK3 Encoder is available.