Motion Controller

DINGS' offers various motion controllers includes drivers and programmable controllers with our hybrid stepper linear actuators, rotary stepper, hollow shaft motors, brushless DC motors and voice coil motors as one package.

From step and direction microstepping driver but also RS485, CANopen and EtherCAT supported open loop / closed loop of motion controllers are available.

DINGS' motion controllers are very specialized for all types of linear actuators includes External, Non-Captive, Captive and Kaptive actuators with encoder or without encoder. These stepper electronics also can be available for regular rotary steppers and also for hollow shaft motors too. Both open and closed loop controls are available.

For Brushless DC motor, DINGS' provides standard and Mini type of motion controllers via CANopen and EtherCAT field bus. These combination can be low-voltage DC Servo which can be alternatives for conventional closed loop stepping control system and AC Servo for certain applications.

Brushless DC Motor Images