Stepper Ball Screw Linear Actuator

DINGS’ offers a unique line of stepper motor Stepper Ball Screw Linear Actuators that open new avenues for equipment designers that require high performance and endurance in a small package. The various products convert the rotational movement of a stepper motor to ball screw driven linear motion for high precision.

These linear actuators are ideal for applications that require a combination of accurate positioning, rapid motion and longer life cycle. Typical applications include X-Y tables, mechanical stages, mobile devices manuacturing, semiconductor equipment, display industry and numerous other uses.

For applications requiring higher efficiency, precision, and longer life, DINGS’ provides the linear actuators with different grades of balls screws at a reasonable cost.

C7 Rolled ball screw is standard and C5/C3 Griding ball screws are also available.

Transmission efficiency of ball screw nut is 90~96% compare to conventional trapezoidal acme screw plastic nut of 26~70% efficiency so under same load condition, ball screw can use less driving power.

And ball screw nut adopts rolling friction but in case of trapezoidal screw plastic nut adopts sliding friction, the former heat rise is much lower than the latter one, hence in general, ball screw can do high speed transmission task.

Surface damage of rolling friction is lower than sliding friction so under the situation of cleaning, lubrication, the life of ball screw is much higher than Trapezoidal screw.

Stepper Ball Screw Linear Actuators Images

Stepper Ball Screw Linear Actuators

DINGS' Stepper Ball Screw Linear Actuator is avaiable for External from NEMA6 to NEMA23 sizes with various step resolutions from 0.005mm/step to 0.1mm/step.

External type of Stepper Ball Screw Linear Actuator is standard and we also offer guide supported high precision linear actuator, DLG Series for 28 & 42mm stepper.

Also DINGS' provides DLG Series that integrates stepper and ball screw as specially designed mechanism.

With guide supported, DLG series enables reduction of mechanical components such as couplings or other parts. So it enables customer to design miniaturized and high-precision positioning of the device.

Non-Guide type DRS series is also available

Stepper Ball Screw Linear Actuators Images