Size 30mm Voice Coil Motor

Size 30mm Voice Coil Motor is also popular solution among DINGS' VCM Series.

Not only standard 13, 15mm stroke, different stroke of voice coil motor can be customized.

Also CANOpen and EtherCAT supported Voice Coil Motor Electronics, DS-BVM-FCAO and DS-BVM-FETC are available. For details, please check DINGS' website motion control products section.

35mm Voice Coil Motor images

Motor Characteristics

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Motor Stroke
Back EMF Constant
Continuous Force
Current 100℃
Peak Thrust Force
Force Sensitivity
Middle Position
Coil Gap
Coil Max. Temperature
Coil Assembly Mass
Body Assembly Mass
30-13 13 7.35 4.63 0.63 29.4 7.35 10.2 2.63 0.6 100 25 96
30-15 15 7.35 4.63 0.63 29.4 7.35 10.2 2.63 0.6 100 25 96

Dimensional Drawing

Force Curve

* This curve is the thrust curve under the rated current and the thrust is affected by the current change