16mmBrushless DC Motor

16ZWC32L-1 is very compact size but it has optimized magnetic circuit.

Brushless DC Motor with core winding has high torque density and multi-pole rotor can provide very strong and dynamic performance.

16ZWC32L-1 can reach Max. 16,300RPM

16mm Brushless DC Motor images

Motor Characteristics

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Motor part number - 16ZWC32L-1
Pole pair - 2
Phase resistance Ω 6.5
Phase inductance mH 0.78
winding connection method - Star shape
Insulation class - B
Duty type - S2
Feedback method - Hall sensors
Commutation angle - 120°
Insulation strength (Withstand voltage) - 500VAC/1KHz/1mA/1s
Insulation resistance - 100 MOhm 20C
Weight g 25.5
Rated voltage V 24
Rated power W 9.2
Rated torque N·m 0.007
Rated speed RPM 12600
Rated current A 0.65
No load speed RPM 16300
No load current A 0.22
Motor efficiency % 71.6
Static torque mN.m 4.5
Noise (Ambient noise 20db, test distance 1m) dB <50
Enclosure - Ambient thermal resistance K/W 0.9
Ambient temperature 25
Maximum winding temperature 68.5
Torque constant N·m/A 0.011
Back-EMF constant / Effective value V/Krpm 1.05
Peak torque N·m 0.021
Peak current A 1.95
Inertia moment g·cm² 0.45

Dimensional Drawing

Brushless DC Motor 16mm images
Brushless DC Motor Size 16mm Dimensional Drawing
Lead-out type Lead-out color Function
UL3265  AWG26 Yellow Hall U(Hu)
Green Hall V(Hv)
Blue Hall W(Hw)
Red Hall power supply positive(Vcc)
Black Hall power supply negative(GND)
UL3265  AWG26 gray U phase
White V phase
Brown W phase

Torque Performance Curves

Torque Performance Curves image