This product integrates the motor and screw. Repair is not possible for either of these components, please handle with care. If not motor or screw will be damaged.


  1. Before use, please read instruction manuals and follow the precautions below.
  2. Do not hit or drop the shaft, do not apply Axial load or radial load exceeding specifications, it may cause malfunction.
  3. Before use, please check that the product has no defect, and product is the same as your order.
  4. Do not disassemble each component, dust may get inside the product. It may deteriorate accuracy.
  5. Please prevent contamination from dust or swarf. Dust or swarf may cause damage to ball screw, Which lead to deteriorating the function.
  6. Lubrication is required under the ball screw operation. Lubrication condition should be checked every 2-3 months. If grease is contaminated, remove old grease and replace with new one.
  7. Do not use the motor exceeding our specification in load or speed.
  8. Allowing ball screw nut to over-run may result in malfunctioning due to balls escaping, damage to recycling parts, and indentation on the raceways. Therefore ball screw nut must never be allowed to over-run. If over- running occurs, contact us for an inspection with charge.
  9. Do not hold the motor lead wire. It is for fixation, do not use it as movement.
  10. The motor torque and speed characteristics may vary from the specifications, depending on the load conditions or Driver used. Please adjust as appropriate.
  11. The motor has a resonant point within the specifications. Please avoid it when in use.


  1. If abnormal odor, noise, smoke, overheating or vibration occurs, stop operation immediately and turn off power.
  2. Do not exceed the motor's rated current.
  3. The motor may overheat depending on load, speed, or driver used. Make sure that the temperature of the motor surface does not exceed 80°C.
  4. Check wire connection, driver, and phase sequence. Inappropriate connection will lead to malfunction.
  5. Do not bend, pull, or pinch the motor lead wires.
  6. Do not touch moving parts during operation.
  7. Disconnect motor from controller before performing dielectric withstanding voltage test or insulation test.
  8. Switch off the driver during inspection or maintenance of motor.


  1. Operating environment shoud be 0~40°C in temperature and 20~80% RH in humidity. Do not use it under dew condensation, corrosive gas or inflammable gas environment.
  2. Do not use it under strong electric field and strong magnetic field.
  3. Please prevent from swarf, oil mist, cutting fluid, water/moisture, salt spray, organic solvent and other contamination.
  4. The motor can not be used under the vibration, impact, vacuum and other special environment.


    (1) The use of the ball screw in the use of the process, is strictly prohibited dust or dirt entering, and therefore must be equipped with protective device.
    (2) The ball screw pair is exposed on the machine tool, and a closed protective cover shall be adopted, such as the use of a coil spring steel tape sleeve, a telescopic sleeve and a folding sleeve, etc.. When you install, connect one end of the shield to the side of the ball nut. The other end is fixed on the supporting seat of the ball screw.
    (3) The position of the ball screw is located in a position, and the sealing ring is used to protect the ball screw. Sealing ring is arranged on both ends of the nut. Contact and non contact type two sealing ring.
    (1) The ball screw pair is usually used for two kinds of lubricants, lithium based grease and the main shaft oil. Lubricating grease generally and in the thread rolling and nut shell space, spindle oil through the shell of an oil hole injection nut of the space.
    (2) Use of the process, every half a year to replace the grease, clean the old grease, coated with new fat. The ball pair lubrication with spindle oil can be oiled once before each operation of the machine.