DLG28 Series

Jiangsu DINGS' DLG28 series which is NEMA11 [28mm] stepper driven guided linear actuator.
DLG28 driven by C7 grade of ball screw is very compact and light weight of product which enables to minimize space of installation.
In general, customer structures mechanism as Motor, Installation plate, Coupling, Fixed side bearing, side block, ball screw, linear guide, transportation table, support side block and support side bearing...
which are very complicated but DLG series can extremely reduce unnecessary space.
We, DINGS' guarantees ±0.01mm of Repetitive Positioning Accuracy (0.009mm without load and 0.007mm with load) and 50N of Max. load transportation. 25mm/sec Max. Velocity and 0.004mm of backlash we can acquire.
Our standard stroke is 30mm. DLG actuator is very suitable to push or pull loads and fine-tuning required applications as like, CCD Focusing camera, centering objects, X-Y Stage, Dispenser, Adjustment, Lifting up/down, Regulator, Nozzle control, Prober, Syringe Pump Actuation and etc.