Brushless DC Motor based Micro Radial Blower Motor

Jiangsu DINGS' has released Brushless DC Motor based Micro Radial Blower Motor series and this video shows 80mm diameter of Blower motor (AB C8002) controls air flow.
DINGS' Brushless DC Motor Blower Motors are lined up from C60 (60mm diameter) to C90 (90mm).
Size of blowers are very compact but it can generate greated performance as Max. static pressure from 7.0kPa to 17.0kPa and Max. flow rate from 450LPM to 1,190LPM.
Min. 20,000 to Max. 50,000 hours of service life is guaranteed and it can be widely used in bio-medical applications for instance ventilator, dental equipment, surgical smoke removal equipment.
Also for dust/smoke removal equipment, cooling system, temperature/humidity test chambers.
DINGS' can provide blower motors with extra inlet/outlet pipes and also motor/driver integrated single package as well.
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