Electric Gripper Force Control Demo-1

Jiangsu DINGS’ offers high performance of stepper driven electric gripper series with force control function from DS-CLS9-FRS4-01 closed loop motion controller.
DINGS’ designs and develops electric gripper based on premium level of DINGS’ External stepper lead screw linear actuator and it has NEMA8 (20mm) and NEMA11 (28mm) options.
NEMA8 (20mm) gripper offers 6mm stroke with 7 different lead screw selections.
NEMA11 (28mm) gripper offers 6mm and 12mm stroke with 6 different lead screw selections.
It depends on selection of lead screw pitch and NEMA8 (20mm) gripper generates max. 32N (recommendable 16N) of gripping force and NEMA11 (28mm) gripper generates max. 118N (recommendable 59N) of gripping force.
Grippers are widely used in application requires force control and DS-CLS9-FRS4-01, Modbus RTU based closed loop stepper motion controller provides user friendly force control function. By using specific User Interface Program and adjust torque ratio by percentage between 0~100%, user adjust and tune up torque ratio by few clicks. Surely DINGS’ also provides high resolution of optical/incremental encoders with various resolution selections.
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