Compact Electric Linear Module, DLM Series

Jiangsu DINGS’ offers high performance of stepper driven compact electric linear module, DLM series.
DINGS’ designs and develops DLM series based on premium level of DINGS’ External stepper lead screw linear actuator and it has NEMA8 (20mm), NEMA11 (28mm), NEMA14 (35mm), NEMA17 (42mm) and NEMA23 (57mm) options.
It was very common for customers to purchase motor, screw, mounting bracket, LM guide, rail, damper and extra to build linear module but DINGS’ provides all parts integrated DLM series so it enables customers to make everything simple and minimize space.
DLM series offers from 20mm effective stroke up to maximum 600mm effective stroke (it depends on motor size so please check DINGS’ website to check stroke availability) with wide range of lead screw pitches. According to load and speed requirements, customer can choose DLM series with convenience.
DLM series also offers ball screw option and teflon coated lead screw. Also customer can choose an encoder, power-off brake, limit sensor and other accessories.
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