External Linear Actuator

External Linear Actuators are one of the popular series among Jiangsu DINGS’ hybrid stepper motor lead screw & ball screw linear actuators.
Jiangsu DINGS’ offers high performance and longer life cycle of External linear actuators from NEMA6 (14mm) to NEMA34 (86mm) stepper sizes.
Polyacetal or Polybutylene based free-wheeling nut equipped or a Anti-backlash nut can be adopted according to customer’s application and requirements.
Back-mounted power-off brake and optical encoders are also ready to be provided as an option.
According to motor size, there are over 20 different travels per step, screw options are available from 0.0006inch (0.001524mm) to 0.005 inch (0.127mm).
From 70N to Max. 2,400N of thrust force can be generated.
Typical applications include : Bio-Medical equipment & devices, X-Y Positioning, Semi-conductor handling, Pick & Place, Cosmetology, Tele-communication equipment, Valve & Fluid control, Laboratory Application, Packaging, 3D Fast Modeling, Door Securities and general industrial automation applications.