PM Stepper Non-Captive Linear Actuator

Jiangsu DINGS’ offers conventional and economic version of Permanent Magnetic stepper linear actuator.
Totally 3 sizes as 20, 25 and 36mm with 7.5° and 15° step angle. Customer can choose bi-polar and uni-polar based stepper with External, Non-captive and Kaptive version.
PM Stepper Linear Actuators are economic version of actuators compare to general hybrid stepper linear actuators but with using high accuracy of lead screws (travels from 0.00625mm to 0.3333mm/step), it compensates step angle as 7.5° and 15° and also it generates Max. 115N of linear thrust force, too.
Typical applications are Bio-Medical equipment & devices especially Diagnostics as like POCT, Cosmetology, Laboratory Applications, Air in/outlet and simple door controls.