Jiangsu DINGS’ offers Brushless DC Motor driven Joint Servo Actuator for Robotics industry [Powered by MYACTUATOR], RMD-L, RMD-X, EPS-RH and EPS-CEM series.
Standard RMD-L series are mainly direct drive motor solution and specially designed RMD-X model is planetary gear integrated solution for better performance.
Standard EPS-RH series has harmonic gear because of high rigidity of application for example cooperative robot.
Standard EPS-CEM series has cycloid gear.
Those joint actuators support various options such as standard, hollow shaft, controller integrated.
Also not only primary encoder but also secondary encoder or brake can be optionally chosen.
All joint actuators support RS485 or CAN Bus communication except EPS-CEM (only supports CAN Bus) and IP54/65 protection functions are also optionally selected.
Various of cooperative robots, Humanoids, AGV/AMR logistic robots and turn table applications are very suitable. For more information, please contact