We will make every effort to ensure the supply of voice coil motors for ventilators

Since the full liberalization of the epidemic, the number of COVID-19 infected people has increased sharply and the growing number of COVID-19 infected people has begun to fall short of demand for medical equipment. COVID-19 severe cases will cause obvious damage to the lung function of the patient. By using the external non-invasive and invasive ventilator to assist breathing, ensure the body’s oxygen supply and survive the respiratory failure before subsequent treatment and observation. Therefore the ventilator is life-saving.

Recently DINGS’ received a notice from Jiangsu Province Development and Reform Commission requesting us to fully assist in the work related to the stable production and expansion of respirators and ensure adequate supply of voice coil motors for respirators. In response to this situation, DINGS’ quickly responded, increased voice coil motor production lines, coordinated material suppliers to supply goods in a timely manner, opened full power to ensure production and made contributions to the fight against the epidemic within its capabilities.

As a professional IVD supporting production enterprise, DINGS has always adhered to social responsibility and realized its social value. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has increased processing equipment and assembly lines several times, only to meet the demand of IVD customers for motor supply to the greatest extent and build a strong defense against the epidemic.

In the face of COVID-19, DINGS’ has great love, writes responsibility with practical actions and bravely assumes the responsibility and mission entrusted to DINGS’ by the times. We should look forward to a bright future when the virus is gone and everything is safe.