Jiangsu DINGS’ IPO Meeting with Beijing Stock Exchange

On January 3, 2023, 2023 First Review Meeting for the Listing Committee of the Beijing Stock Exchange has released. Jiangsu DINGS’ Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. met the issuance conditions, listing conditions and information disclosure requirements and successfully passed the meeting.

Jiangsu DINGS’ was established in April 2008 to provide precision motion control products based on precision stepping motors and brushless DC motors. It has the comprehensive service ability to provide customers with overall supporting solutions and has been recognized by many customers at local and international market with high-quality and stable performance products. Its products are widely used in medical devices, industrial automation and other fields. DINGS’ Intelligent Control Technology is a national specialized, special and new "little giant" enterprise and high-tech enterprise. Relying on Changzhou Intelligent Drive Component Engineering Technology Research Center, it has continuously strengthened the level of scientific and technological innovation. The motor control accuracy, transmission efficiency and service life have been continuously improved. Now it has obtained 87 authorized patents, including 9 invention patents.

It is planned to raise 449 million yuan at the IPO meeting of Beijing Stock Exchange and the projects raised are "intelligent manufacturing base construction project" and "R&D center project". After the completion of the project, the batch production capacity and product research and development capacity will be significantly improved. Further consolidating the company's product advantages covering multiple categories, strengthening the company's core competitiveness and expanding the global market share.

DINGS’ was established in April 2008. DINGS’ will continue to adhere to the "differentiated" development, constantly improve the ability of independent innovation, keep pace with the times and technological development and make greater contributions to the development of the motor industry.