Continuous Effort of DINGS’ for Customer Satisfaction

Stepper screw linear actuator applies in various industries with a wide range of applications. It has always been characterized by a variety of products, no quantitative requirements and customizability. DINGS’ stepper screw linear actuator has 8 different motor sizes and nearly 100 kinds of screw lead can be chosen with customizable length of the screw. And customer can choose gear box, encoder, brake, manual knob and other customization options so there are countless combinations. Such a complicated customized motor combination cannot be run in a standard production line like conventional motors. There are many tasks that cannot be completed by mechanization in the production and assembly process. For example, the screw rod straightening is always done by hand and the biggest disadvantage of manual production is that consistency cannot be guaranteed.

To solve out this kind of conventional problem, our creative and pioneering engineer team has made a lot of efforts. In 2018, DINGS’ equipment suppliers developed fully automatic screw straightening machines but the first generation of machine only realized the original vision of engineers. Since then we have continued to experiment and improve the procedures then it has come to the fourth generation.

Previous generation of machines appears to be large and heavy and can not achieve full automation. Engineers have added a mechanical arm to replace the action of taking, giving new vitality to the early generation of machines.
In the future, robot arm will be more applied in DINGS’ production line to replace mechanized and patterned workflow, reduce the possible harm to human body in these work flows and better to ensure the batch consistency of DINGS’ motor.
DINGS’ is determined to become a benchmark enterprise in the stepper lead screw linear actuator industry and has been working hard for the progress of the production process of the stepper lead screw linear actuator. Please look forward to see DINGS’ better than before.