Minimum 1.8 ° stepper motor

The 14mm series hybrid stepper motor is the smallest 1.8 ° stepping motor from DINGS’. The motor body is only 14mm square and it uses the world's advanced technology and leading manufacturing process. It is different from the conventional front and rear end covers fixed with screws. It utilizes MIM brackets and overall injection molding to optimize the design of the motor stator and rotor, so its performance is improved by about 30% compared with the conventional design of motor in the same volume as 14mm. This small motor contains many patent technologies of DINGS’, which bring customers the best product experience.

The 14 series motors include 5 types of structures, includes External, Non-Captive, Kaptive, Hybrid Rotary stepper motor and Hollow shaft stepper motor. The screw has a variety of steps, ranging from 0.015mm to 0.04mm and its maximum thrust can reach 1.7Kg. The screw of the motor is made of high-precision mold which ensures the consistency of the screw and the accuracy of the motor's motion control. The nuts used with the screw are made of high-tech composite materials by injection molding which provides great convenience for the customer's product design.

Product advantages
The maximum torque can reach 7.5mN. m, and the maximum thrust is 1.7KG
Small volume, low noise
Encoder can be equipped
A variety of screws can be selected, and the step size range is 0.0015~0.04mm
30% performance improvement by optimization of stator and rotor