Trial production of new energy production line

The first new energy motor production line of DINGS’ was successfully trial produced, starting a new journey!

In recent years, the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration and other departments have successfully issued development policies to support the new energy industry, further promoting the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, guiding green travel and boosting the dual carbon goal.

In response to the call of the state, DINGS has actively deployed the electric drive system, one of the core components of the new energy vehicle power system from last year. Recently DINGS’ has successfully trial produced the first item.

This production line is equipped with automatic equipment independently designed by DINGS’ such as stator and rotor assembly machine, automatic inserting magnetic steel machine which greatly improves the production efficiency. Now all the trial production motors are tested and delivered. Later, we will continue to improve the production line and provide more customized products for customers.