Jiangsu DINGS' First Fun Games

The first fun sports event of Jiangsu DINGS ended perfectly!

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is the time for DINGS’ to take an annual break. At the same time, on 26th Aug 2000, DINGS’ ushered in the first interesting sports event.
The fun games were divided into two categories, one was fun games and the other was competitive events. At 8:30 in the morning, the fun sports event started on time. Now let's lead you to the competition site.
First of all, we came to the interesting game area. The ongoing project is "DING". This project is a relay for the delivery of product samples on top of the head and the group with the shortest time wins. One by one, the top of the sample book of DINGS’ employee was steadily moving forward under the balance of their arms.

Next events in the adjacent competition areas were completed at one go. This project required DINGS employees to inflate, prick, measure balloon size and transport balloons in turn. The division of labor of each group was clear and the competition was orderly. The game considered not only the team cooperation ability between athletes, but also the methods and techniques of each step. We could see that when some players inflated they could be fully charged with one or two strokes, but they also needed three or four strokes to be fully charged. At the beginning of the competition, there was a slight gap between the performance of each team. The audience also made various comments from time to time, "Look at everyone in this team. They are fast and have a strong sense of rhythm. They have practiced at first sight and their movement methods can be seen to have been specially designed.”

The project was still in intense progress and the cheering in the competition area attracted all employees to the past. It turns out that the table tennis match has entered the final round. Entering the competition area, a "mixed single" final was just at the match point and only one female player made a beautiful smash which ended the competition and successfully won the championship trophy.

The following "Glory of the King" watching competition attracted all the audience. All employees saw a group of players on the screen had cleared the opposing side's military line and were working together to reach the high ground. And the outcome was obvious. This project tested the mentality and overall view of the players and more importantly, the tactical cooperation between teams.

After the lunch break, we finally arrived at the final project - tug of war. Just hear the referee said "Go!", The teams on both sides pulled back with great strength and the cheerleaders on both sides refused to be outdone saying "Come on! Come on!" One after another, cheer for the players. The red cloth strip deviated a little to the left and a little to the right. The two teams were locked in a stalemate. Every member of the team was red in the face but did not give up. After a long stalemate, one group finally lost because of physical exhaustion, ranking second.

This interesting sports event was an adjustment of physical and mental activities and everyone has expressed that they will work better with stronger physique and full enthusiasm!